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  • Optimize your laptop battery life
    Battery Optimizer will scan your laptop and determine how to get more life from your laptop battery. Battery Optimizer will provide recommended actions to perform, along with the estimated time-savings you will receive.
  • Update your computer's drivers
    Driver Reviver will scan your PC to identify out of date and obsolete drivers. Driver Reviver can quickly and easily update these drivers to restore optimum performance to your PC and its hardware.
  • Repair and optimize your Windows registry
    Registry Reviver will scan your Windows registry for problems. Registry Reviver can repair, maintain and optimize your registry to restore optimum efficiency and effectiveness to it, and to your PC.
  • Find out how your PC stacks up
    PC Benchmark will scan your computer to determine if it is performing at its maximum potential. It will also allow you to compare your computer against others who have run the application. PC Benchmark will provide recommendations on how to achieve optimum performance, along with instructional videos and articles on how to complete the recommended actions.
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    Roni Hermony, IL, December 2012
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    Luis O. Kolarik, AUS, October 2012
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    Zafar Ali Punjani, CA, September 2012
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    Willem van de Veen, NL, September 2012
  • Driver Reviver is without doubt the best in its class, and I have tried most of them. I have been using it for two years and not once did I have any problems. They might as well do away with their support team, because this software is rock solid!
    Wynus Marais, SA, August 2012
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    Irene A, USA, August 2012
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    reinhold pommer, DE, August 2012
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